Texas State Board Of Dental Examiners Still Require Dental Offices To Follow COVID Emergency Rules And Still Require Everyone To Wear A Mask Regardless Of Governor Ruling

Have you noticed how fast time is flying by? Before you know it you’ll be buying school supplies and getting the kids ready for another school year. If you’re like a lot of parents you’ll be secretly celebrating that the kids are going back to school! As the time for this transition draws near you may want to consider putting your family dentistry needs on top of your to do list. Here are three reasons why.

1.Scheduling is Easier

There is no doubt that scheduling your family dentistry appointments before school starts is going to be a lot easier than in the fall when schedules get busy. With sports, dance, meetings and your own schedule, a trip to the dentist can be difficult. Not only that, chances are you may need to take time away from work and take the kids out of school in order to make your dental appointments. Getting it done before fall saves you time and hassle.

2.Necessary School Forms are Completed

Schools, extra-curricular activities and after school programs often require medical and dental forms at the beginning of the year. Many parents leave this until the last minute and find themselves rushing to get the appointments scheduled and forms filled out so their kids can participate in activities and school records can be updated. When your family dentistry needs are taken care of before school begins, the year gets off to a smoother, less frantic beginning.

3.Family Dentistry Needs are Out of the Way

An early start means you can get all the work done before school begins. Fall gets to be hectic for families. With activities, homework and the general affairs of family life, time becomes a very valuable commodity and taking time out for dental visits can become a low priority. When you have your dental work completed before the flurry of fall activities commences, you begin the new school year with a healthy mouth and the knowledge that you dental concerns are out of the way.

Getting your family dentistry needs done before fall makes a lot of sense. The lazy days of summer will be over before you know it. Take advantage of this time now and get your family into the dental office so they can start the new school year with healthy, bright, shining smiles. Call Sair Dental today to make your appointment for a dental exam.

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