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Has your dentist suggested a dental crown for your tooth? These dental caps cover your entire tooth when it is weakened, shielding it from further damage. Since it matches the color of your natural teeth, a dental crown does not stand out in your mouth. Did you know there are multiple types of dental crowns available? We’ll mention seven types available; carry on reading to learn more.

How Many Types of Dental Crown are There?

Whether you’ve chipped your teeth or had a root canal, dental crowns can help protect your tooth. Although they’re not as strong as your tooth enamel, they are effective in restoring the aesthetic and function of your weakened tooth.

Available in many materials, types of dental crowns include:

1. Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are your best bet if you want an option that perfectly mimics the appearance of your natural teeth. This could be especially helpful if the affected tooth is in a visible area when you open your mouth.

2. Stainless Steel Crowns

While your permanent dental crown is being prepared and customized accordingly, the dentist will place a temporary alternative. Usually, they place stainless steel crowns as they prevent bacteria and decay from invading the tooth. This way, your tooth remains safe during the time your permanent crown isn’t ready. Stainless steel crowns are typically not used as permanent crowns.

In your next appointment, the dentist will remove the stainless steel crown to replace it with a permanent, durable option.

3. Gold Crowns

Since porcelain and titanium caps took over, gold crowns are no longer the shining stars of dentistry. Still, they’re used sometimes to replace molars present in the back of the mouth.

4. Titanium Crowns

With titanium crowns, you can look forward to a durable and strong option. This long-lasting option is incredibly strong. Moreover, titanium dental crowns are popular for their resistance to decay. In addition, they can withstand biting and chewing. Given all the benefits they offer, these are the most expensive among all the types of dental crowns.

5. Porcelain & Metal Hybrid Crowns

What if there was a crown that had the durability of titanium and the appearance of porcelain? Well, there is a hybrid crown made by combining titanium and porcelain. These come in handy when you need a crown for your front and back teeth. This is because the hybrid crowns are durable and match the aesthetics of your natural teeth.

6. Resin Crowns

Wondering what low-cost dental crowns are available? Resin crowns are a type that cost the least. Now they’re becoming less and less common after porcelain and titanium crowns came into the picture.

7. Temporary Crowns

Your permanent crown might take some days to get prepared, so for the time being, your dentist might suggest a temporary option. Temporary crowns are, most of the time, composed of acrylic-based metals. Since they’re temporary and might be in your mouth for two weeks, make sure you take proper care when eating. Otherwise, they might break or come loose.

The Takeaway

There are various types of dental crowns available, with titanium and porcelain crowns being the most popular. Our Sair Dental Group experts can help you understand dental crowns much better. Talk to us at:
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