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Getting a pill stuck in your throat is quite common if you are habitual of taking drugs or if you suffer from chronic illness that requires medicinal intake.

What To Do When A Pill Gets Stuck In Your Throat?

You can feel a burning sensation if a pill gets stuck in your throat while taking it. At that moment, it is not wise to panic. There are multiple techniques you can try before help arrives. First up, what you can do is perform ‘The Heimlich Maneuver.’

The Heimlich Maneuver

  • Bed towards a chair, table, or sofa, whichever is near you.
  • Make a fist with your right hand and put it above the navel with the thumb inside.
  • Use the left one to grab the fist and thrust it upwards in the stomach.
  • Repeat until you feel the block is gone

Other Remedies

Until you reach a professional for help, here’s what you can try yourself for relief.

Fluid Intake

As soon as a pill lodges inside your throat, the best thing you do is try to wash it down immediately. Always take your tablets or capsules with lots and lots of fluid, mainly water. Why so? Because it makes sliding down the throat easier and decreases the chance of the pill getting stuck.

Lubricate Your Mouth

Suppose water does not do the job for you. In that case, there is always an option for an edible lubricant such as honey or applesauce that will not only mask the bitterness of taste but also wet the surface for easy maneuvering.

Break the Pill in Pieces

You may feel that your tablet is too huge to fit inside your mouth and may lodge in your throat. In that case scenario, you can always break the pill into pieces and wash it down the esophagus with lots of water.

You don’t have to crack your tablet; instead, get yourself a pill crusher, as doing it with your hands is not hygienic. Additionally, ask your pharmacist whether or not you can break them apart.

Why is this so? Because certain drugs made long-acting or slow-release lose their effectiveness when broken apart. It is essential that you do not wait for the pill to dissolve in 2 hours or 3 hours after it gets stuck.

Tilt your head

Tilting the head seems to be more effective in this regard. Pop the chin down to your chest area and force gulp to bring the pill down.

Cough it Out

Coughing can help get the pill out, as forceful expulsions, especially if the pill is the airway, can help get it out.


If the pill stuck in the throat feeling is getting worse by the second, get in touch with professionals from Sair Dental for any kind of mouth query. Call now at 832 924 2666 or 281 558 1199 for an appointment.

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