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Do you feel an impulsive pang in your teeth? What’s causing all your teeth bang with annoying vibrations? Your teeth may start to hurt all of a sudden and chances are, you may not even know why. Here’s a list of some major causes that may lead to severe pain in the entire set of your teeth.

1 Gum Disease

One of the most common causes of a toothache is gum disease. Besides, this is also why your teeth may start hurting altogether. Apart from bad breath and gum bleeding, gum diseases can cause discomfort in your teeth, making you want to go see a doctor on an immediate basis.

2 Tooth Filling

An irritated nerve during or due to tooth filling may make your teeth hurt pretty badly. At times, either the filling was not positioned in the right way or it was overdone which may contribute to sudden flashes of pain in all your teeth and not just one.

3 Teeth Whitening

Teeth that are sensitive, have enamel erosion concerns or are exposed to teeth whitening treatment for the first time may make your teeth hurt. The spell of pain may be sudden and occasional. You are advised to see a doctor in case the pain starts occurring frequently.

4 Sensitivity

Yet another culprit guilty of causing sudden pain in your teeth is sensitivity. The hustle-bustle of our daily lives makes our teeth exposed to extreme cold or hot temperatures causing the roots of the teeth to weaken. As a result your teeth become sensitive and you tend to feel sudden jolts of pain.

5 Cavity or Tooth Decay

While we may try to limit sugar intake in our food, we still can encounter cavity and in severe cases, tooth decay. When you have a cavity in your tooth, it spreads from one tooth to another. As a result, all your teeth may start hurting suddenly.

It is advisable that you consult a doctor and get your cavity treated.

6 Dental Abscess

In severe cases where tooth decay worsens, your teeth become more prone to dental abscess. Dental abscess is a condition in which enamel erosion allows bacteria to have access to the center of the tooth. This leads to infections and forms pus inside your teeth.

Therefore, dental abscess can also contribute to sudden flashes of pain in all your teeth and not just one.

7 Enamel Erosion

As mentioned above, enamel erosion can grant bacteria the access to the core of your tooth. It becomes inevitable for every tooth in your mouth to get infected, making all your teeth start hurting. In case your diet includes a lot of acidic food then enamel erosion may happen even more quickly.

8 Sinusitis

This may come as a surprise but infections such as sinusitis may also cause sudden spells of pain that, if persistent, may need you to see a doctor immediately. This happens because the upper rear set of the teeth are the closest to the pair of largest sinuses. So, any pain initiating in the upper teeth will radiate pain in the entire set.

9 Tooth Grinding

Tooth grinding is one of the major causes why your teeth may start hurting all of a sudden. Next time, you are annoyed at someone, avoid grinding your teeth.

10 Cracked Tooth

A crack in the tooth can cause unnerving pain. This is because the soft pulp below the tooth surface is inflamed or irritated. As a result, not only the cracked tooth will experience pain but rest of the teeth may too start getting sudden flashes of pain.

11 Gum Recession

Your gum is responsible for keeping your teeth in place. Therefore, if gum recession happens, severe to mild pain is inevitable.

Bottom Line

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