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Dentists in Houston have used silver amalgam fillings as the standard filling material for many decades, particularly in back teeth – molars and bicuspids. Tooth colored fillings have been around since the 1960s and have been the filling material of choice for anterior teeth. It has only been in recent years that they have been sturdy and durable enough to be used in posterior teeth.

Changes for Health

Many people have chosen to have their amalgam fillings removed by a dentist in Houston and replaced by tooth colored fillings, also called composite fillings, for health reasons. Amalgam fillings are composed of the metals silver, mercury and copper. Allergies to any one of those metals could cause irritation in the mouth.

Most people have no reactions to amalgam, hence, its use as a filling material for over 150 years. The amount of mercury used in the filling material is small and considered safe; however, it is still a concern for many people. Consequently, now that composites are an available substitute, people are making the change.

Dentists in Houston Improve Smiles with Composites

If you’ve ever watched singers really belt out a song, you’ve probably noticed that you can see the top area of the back teeth when they hold those long notes or open their mouths really wide. You can tell they’ve had dental work done and for some people it looks like they have had lots of it. When your dentist in Houston replaces your silver fillings with composites, no one will be able to tell you’ve had any dental work. Your biggest smile is instantly improved.

For health reasons and aesthetics, contact Sair Dental to have your amalgam fillings removed and replaced with composites. They are durable and they look like your natural teeth. Make that call today to schedule an appointment.

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