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When it comes to a child’s milk teeth, the eruption is entirely different for every child, even in siblings. A baby’s front teeth usually begin to erupt by the age of 6 to 7 months. These are just tentative ranges and can differ from one child to another. In some cases, the eruption can be delayed to up to 18 months, and in some cases, the child’s first tooth erupts in just three months. It’s sporadic, but doctors have noticed that some children have one tooth at birth.

Now, if you wonder when your child’s teeth will fall off, remember that if their teeth erupted early, they would fall off early. You do not need to worry about these early and late eruption patterns. All these processes are entirely natural. These are just simple natural variations without any concerning underlying conditions. If your child got their first tooth during their fourth or fifth month, they might start losing their teeth when nearing the age of five to six years. But if your child gets first teeth after they have turned one, they are most likely to lose their first teeth around the age of nine to twelve.

How Long Before You Should Visit A Dentist To Consult About Your Child’s Baby Teeth?

As this is a common concern for most parents, your dentist will probably ask you not to worry about this. There are several reasons due to which your child may be a latecomer. Some of them are:

  • The positioning of the teeth is abnormal.
  • There is an extra tooth present in the same place.
  • The gums are too thick.
  • Their jaw bone is strong and is interrupting the eruption of the tooth.

Should You Be Concerned Over The Delay Of Your Child’s Milk Teeth Eruption?

We all know that not every child is the absolute same and nor they follow a similar pattern and schedule, and this delay isn’t something you should be losing your sleepover. However, if there is a delay in their teeth’ eruption, you should not hesitate to bring them into Sair Dental Group Houston for a dental check-up. Our pediatric dentists are always available at your service. Call us now to book an appointment at 832.924.2666.

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