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A wisdom tooth is an unwanted structure that pops up at a later stage of life and mostly creates a problem for the existing teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction is a common practice at dental clinics; however, taking aftercare is necessary. Bleeding after wisdom teeth removal, pain, and swelling are common symptoms that go in a day or two. The procedure is carried smoothly, but the individual might feel discomfort after a few hours when sedation reduces. However, pain killers help to ease the situation. The swelling might take a week to normalize, due to which the individual will have to make a few changes in the diet plan.

How to stop bleeding after wisdom teeth removal 

Bleeding scares us, especially in the mouth, when it mixes with the saliva, and you have to spit in regular intervals. Being one of the drawbacks of extraction, many people face it as the area is exposed, and till the cloth forms correctly, the empty socket might bleed. Following tips might help in reducing the bleeding after tooth removal;

  • Apply a piece of wet gauze in the empty socket, put a bit of pressure and press it tight for around 30 minutes to one hour.
  • After the removal, keep your head upon the pillow, try not to lie flat. When the head is higher than the heart, the blood pressure lowers that will reduce the bleeding.
  • Suppose you are a tea lover, this one is for you. Keep a damp tea bag in the area; black tea leaves have an acid that coagulates the blood; hence clotting is quicker.
  • It is necessary to rest after wisdom tooth removal as while resting body gains the strength for recovery. Avoid strenuous exercises and lifting weight for a few weeks.
  • Take care when planning your diet; avoid too hot and cold food and beverages. Do not have sticky or hard food that damages the cloth; otherwise, it will result in bleeding profusely. You can have soft food like warm soup, smoothies, cereal, etc.
  • Avoid alcohol till the area heals or at least for two to three days. As alcohol reduces the rate of platelet formation in the blood, hence without proper platelet count, the blood won’t cloth to stop bleeding.

Is it normal to bleed days after wisdom tooth extraction?

During extraction, few cuts are made in the gums that result in bleeding; however, it should cure in a day or two. If your gums bleed days after the procedure, there might be other reasons for it. It is better to schedule your appointment to find out the causes, as it might not be normal. The bleeding after days can be due to infections, blood disorders, or any medicine or vitamin intake thinning the blood. Whatever the reason, it is better to find out before the condition worsens.

Hence, bleeding after wisdom teeth removal is common, but it should heal in a few days. If you are looking for a dental group to take care of your oral problems, treating minor and significant issues with complete expertise, contact us. Call Sair Dental Group at 832.924.2666 to schedule your appointment.

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