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The idea of getting a root canal is daunting in itself, and the critical aftercare is like the cherry on top of all the worries. Well, you need not be anxious about it. The more you adhere to the instructions, the easy your healing process will be. Your dentists may use a crown to cover the tooth after a root canal, but how long can they last without it?

How Long Does A Root Canal Generally Last Without A Crown?

The longevity of a root canal in this situation depends on the severity of your case, along with the aftercare. A root canal can last a really long time without a crown if proper care is taken and a healthy oral hygiene regime is sustained.

On the other hand, if your dentist did place a crown after the root canal, but it fell off, get in touch with your dentist immediately for help.

A crown falling off a tooth is a dental emergency and should not be taken lightly. Moreover, after a root canal, your tooth is in a crunch, and the crown falling off will make it vulnerable even more.

Factors Influencing the Lifespan of Root Canals

Here are some factors that determine the life of your root canal procedure.

Treatment Timing

Early treatment is the best thing. It ensures better outcomes than delayed ones, as it may open new doors to complications. The possibility of dental health deterioration increases, particularly when the root canal infection spreads to the jaw.

Position of the Tooth

The location of your tooth matters a lot. For example, this procedure for a front tooth is comparatively simpler than any other because it only has one canal. Moreover, a root canal done on the front ones last a long time without a crown because they are not used for grinding; hence they are subjected to less force and stress.

If the infection is in one of the teeth from the rear side, they may have 2 to 3 roots; therefore, making it more difficult to treat. Also, they require more strength to bear the biting and grinding while chewing.


Our teeth start losing their agility and become fragile and more prone to breaking as we age. This imposes a negative impact on how long a root canal will endure the external factors. Dental crowns are the most sought-after treatment compared to dental filling in molars.

Do The Dentists Use A Crown After Every Root Canal?

Not really; it is not a compulsion to have a crown over your treated tooth. Its entire purpose is to provide support and anchor to the tooth, thereby increasing the whole lifespan. Other than that, the bacteria-inflicted pulp is surgically taken out during a root canal, leaving your tooth hollow and empty.

Closing Note

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