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People often associate wisdom teeth with getting wiser as these appear at a later stage when a person becomes mature. Many get happy when their wisdom teeth erupt as they are perfectly aligned. However, for many, these can be a cause of jaw pain. One of the possible concerns that comes to people’s mind is that wisdom teeth can be a cause of the Temporomandibular Joint disorder (TMJ).

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

An impacted wisdom tooth causes pain in the jaw joint. A person experiences the same pain as a result of TMJ. Severe pain in wisdom teeth can radiate to ear and other parts of the face. Therefore, the pressure caused by wisdom teeth may cause TMJ, but that is a rare case.

However, if a person feels discomfort in the jaw consulting a dentist to get to the root cause of the problem is mandatory. In many cases, the procedure may involve jaw surgery.

Although chances of wisdom teeth causing TMJ are low, but if the wisdom teeth erupt in the jaw, it may cause several other problems. A wisdom teeth may at times become a cause of cysts or tumors. Furthermore, due to improper eruption of wisdom teeth, the remaining teeth may also lose their alignment and shift their place.

To avoid problems that arise because of wisdom teeth, many people opt for their extraction. The extraction of a wisdom tooth involves surgery as the bone also needs removal before reaching the wisdom tooth.

It is, therefore, crucial that a person takes notice of even minor jaw pain. It may either be due to wisdom tooth or TMJ. Whatever the case might be, it is essential to consult a reliable dentist like Sair Dental Group. We can identify the real cause of the problem and also provide appropriate treatment. Call us today on 832.924.2666 for more information and to clear your doubts about TMJ.

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