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Is It Okay To Chew Gum With Braces?

When you have braces on your teeth, there’s a whole list of foods and drinks that you can and cannot eat. Soda drinks, caramel, popcorn, pretzels are just some food items that you should avoid. So what about chewing gum? Can you chew gum with braces? The...
30th October, 2020

Five Signs You May Have Root Canal Infection

Knowing if you need a root canal requires retreatment may require an experienced eye. This is because even people who don’t need root canal therapy frequently experience various symptoms, forcing them to think about retreatment. Opposingly, root canal infection...
15th October, 2020

What to Do If you Chip your Dental Crown?

You have just had an accident— and now realize that your dental crown appears to have chipped. Should you worry about your chipped crown? How soon should it be fixed? Can it impact your overall dental health? What to Do if Your Crown Breaks? If your crown has been...
30th September, 2020

Can Retainers Fix Shifted Teeth After Braces?

It is a very common question patients ask. Most of the patients are young adults who had braces as a child, did not wear a retainer for some time, and have had some teeth shifting. So, does wearing a retainer shift teeth back? It depends on the amount of shifting and...
15th September, 2020

Pros and Cons of All Types of Braces

Here are a few pros and cons of four types of braces. Traditional Braces When you hear about braces, the first thing that likely comes to mind is metal brackets and wires tightly adhered to the teeth; you might be right! However, today’s traditional braces are...
30th August, 2020

How to Avoid White Spots on your Teeth after Braces?

One of the most common questions people ask is, “How do I prevent white spots on my teeth once my braces come off?” Before answering that question, it’s important to differentiate between white spots caused by braces and other types of white spots. White spots on the...
15th August, 2020
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