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People often think of when to start taking their children for their first dental visit. The experts recommend that you should take your child to the dentist within six months of the first tooth coming out. For younger children, the dentist would help you and your child with teething problems and feeding practices. For older ones, the dentist will also help your child in developing a healthy oral hygiene routine.

Preparing the child for the first dental visit

Parents should prepare their children for the first dental visit so they may not feel uncomfortable during the checkup. Build excitement and let children know what to expect in their first dental visit. This way, they would not have any dental anxiety once they grow up.

At the child’s first dental visit, you should brief the dentist of all the dental conditions of your child like a tooth cavity. This would help the dentist to guide you about the suitable treatments.

What to expect?

Your child’s first dental visit will be a detailed one where the dentist will examine your child’s teeth, gums, jaws, bite, oral tissues, and growth. The dentist will also look for any dental problems and will perform the treatment as needed. It will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the age of the child.

After a detail examination, the dentist will also suggest routine oral hygiene to prevent tooth problems. The dentist will also demonstrate how to do flossing and cleaning at home. Baby teeth fall; therefore, the dentist would not need X-rays. However, depending on the condition, the dentist might take out an X-ray to examine a tooth decay.

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