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In the not so distant past, having a cavity and getting it filled meant that you’d have silver imbedded in your tooth. Depending on where the filling was located and the angle of view, these silver fillings could be visible when you talk, laugh or eat. There is now an option to have your filling tooth-colored. This means that the filling will match the color of your teeth and not be noticeable. There’s a dentist at Fondren Road that can help you get a better smile.

How Does it Work?

The process of applying tooth colored fillings has been shown to be safe, reliable and long-lasting. They are made of plastic resins, silica filler and porcelains. Silver, or amalgam fillings, do not bond with the tooth. They rest on the tooth to provide a certain degree of protection. Sair Dental, the dentist at Fondren Road, uses tooth colored fillings to create a stronger and more protected connection.

There are three types of fillings.

  1. Direct-small amounts of restorative material are used during the visit and is done in office
  2. Semi-Direct-repairs larger areas and can be removed from the mouth
  3. Indirect-very large or complex restorations, like a crown.

Go with the Pros

Visit the dentist at Fondren Road: Sair Dental!! Our professional staff has experience in tooth colored fillings and help you with any dental issue that arises. We currently have a new patient special that includes a complete exam and x-rays. Call us at 832-924-2666 to schedule your appointment.

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