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Losing baby teeth is a milestone everyone looks forward to, but what if they fall off sooner than expected? Although early tooth loss because of injury or decay is not something to be worried about, it can negatively impact your child’s oral development. But we have a solution for you – space maintainers for kids!

What Are Space Maintainers, And When Are They Necessary?

A space maintainer, just like the name suggests, is a dental appliance used when your kid loses a tooth before time due to infection, trauma, or other dental health issues. You have the ease of selecting either removable or fixed spacers for your child.
Dentists place them in the area where your child’s missing tooth once was. This procedure is necessary to prevent neighboring teeth from shifting into empty sockets to ensure their permanent teeth grow properly.

Advantages of Space Maintainers for Kids

The space maintainers for kids are usually made of either plastic or metal. They function to keep the surrounding teeth from moving after a tooth falls off prematurely. Here are some benefits of addressing the situation in a timely manner.

  1. Correct Growth of Permanent Teeth
    Permanent teeth grow in the place left behind by their baby counterparts. Untimely tooth loss creates hindrances to permanent teeth popping out smoothly. A tooth space maintainer facilitates the orderly eruption of permanent teeth by preventing the adjacent teeth from moving around.
  2. Helps Adjacent Teeth Stay in Its Proper Position
    It is natural for the adjacent teeth to shift in the empty socket. If the movement takes place before their permanent teeth arrive, it might cause a major roadblock to their oral development. These pediatric space maintainers prohibit this from happening.
  3. Pain-Free Procedure
    It is understandable for kids to feel slightly uncomfortable getting space maintainers for the first time. However, they soon get used to it and are good to go. They mimic retainers, meaning expect space maintainers to exert some pressure on your child’s teeth to make them stay put. As time passes, they will get used to it and forget that it is even there.
  4. Eliminates the Need for Any Other Treatment
    Space maintainers help minimize the chances of needing other forms of corrective treatments. They make sure that teeth do not move from their initial position and maintain space for timely eruption of permanent teeth.

Closing Note

So, if your child has experienced something similar and lost a tooth before it was intended to, contact Dr. Mussadiq Iftikhar, DDS, MSD, a Stallard Award winner and team at Sair Dental Group, we are here to answer all your queries and issues. Feel free to get in touch with us to know ways we can be of help. Drop by 8410 Fondren Road, Houston, TX 77074 (832) 924-2666 or 10345 Club Creek Dr, Houston, TX 77036 (281) 558-1199.

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