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It is very common to find children and adults with crooked or misaligned teeth. Crooked teeth are unique to your personality, and it is recommended to leave them that way. However, sometimes crooked teeth can create a problem for your health and speech and might need to be realigned. One of the ways to straighten crooked teeth is through teeth straightening surgery.

Causes of Crooked Teeth

• Teeth can come in crooked, or they can become crooked, and this can happen with both baby teeth and permanent ones. Baby teeth become crooked because they are too small to fit the big size of gum.
• Habits such as thumb sucking can push the baby teeth forward or make them crooked. Genetics may also play an important role.
• Having crooked baby teeth doesn’t necessarily mean that your child will have crooked permanent teeth. However, if the teeth grow too close together, there is a high chance that permanent teeth may become crooked.
• Sometimes tooth decay or an injury causes the baby teeth to fall out sooner than they would naturally; in such cases, the following permanent tooth comes out misaligned.

Teeth Straightening Surgery

Braces are a wonderful option to straighten teeth. They are suitable for every age group, especially for children who have flexible gums and bone tissues. However, treatment with braces can take up to three years for the desired results. In contrast, teeth straightening surgery is a quicker option and outputs desired results in much less time. The surgery repositions the gums and bones that hold the teeth.

Although the surgery is minor, still there is a risk of complications such as swelling, bleeding, or infection.

Surgery is only a part of treatment; therefore, you still might have to wear the braces after the surgery, but for a shorter time span.

If you have any questions regarding teeth straightening surgery, call Sair Dental Group on 832-924-2666. We would be happy to help you out.

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