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Dental implants carry many benefits which is why they are such a popular choice among the many options that patients have when dealing with particular dental issues. If you make a New Years’ resolution to improve both your health and your appearance, your dentist can help. Most likely, your dentist will offer dental implants as their preferred choice, giving you any or all of the following four reasons.


The appearance of dental implants is a lot more natural than that of dentures. If you work in a profession where appearance can be an issue, such as something high-profile, then this may be one of the best options for you. Plus, dental implants have a nearly immediate recovery time. You don’t have to wait to heal, then be fitted for the partial or denture, and then have them made so you can wear them. When you have dental implants, you have them usually the same day.

Dental Implants are More Comfortable

Let’s face it, everyone knows that dentures and partials are notoriously uncomfortable, not to mention a lot harder to care for. Since dental implants feel like your own teeth, they are the most comfortable option you will have as a replacement for missing teeth or gaps. The implants won’t shift, they won’t grind against existing teeth, and you won’t have to worry about having to remove them and feeling the gaps or missing teeth like you would with a partial or denture.

More Natural Feel and Care

Dental implants can make life a lot easier, not just because they look more natural but also because they are more natural to care for as well. Implants aren’t removable. You don’t have to take them out, scrub, and soak. There is no losing them. And you won’t get food stuck under them that you can’t take out because you are eating at a restaurant. Plus, dental implants are perfectly matched to fit with your existing teeth, so they fit naturally.

Helps Maintain Health of Your Existing Teeth

When you fill in gaps between existing teeth, it helps to keep them from shifting or even rubbing against each other. By placing implants, you will help maintain the health of existing teeth so that you minimize the risk of needing more implants in the future. The sooner you have the dental implants, the better your other teeth will be in the long run.

Dental implants are one of the best options and that is why dentists prefer it over other options that are available. If you find yourself with a decision to make, be sure to ask your dentist about implants. You may find they offer more benefits and are worth the investment when you make a New Years’ resolution to better your health and your appearance.

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