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Oral cancer can be devastating. Like most types of cancer, early detection is crucial in order to treat the disease. While oral cancer can affect anyone, certain groups of people are at a higher risk and should be screened regularly. Keep reading to learn more about oral cancer screenings.

Who is at Risk for Oral Cancer?

People who have a history of heavy alcohol and/or tobacco use are considered high-risk patients. This includes any type of tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc.) as well as people who used to be heavy smokers but have since quit. People who have been diagnosed with another type of cancer are also considered high-risk patients, as are people who have dealt with heavy sun exposure. If you are at a high risk for oral cancer, tell your dentist. They will be able to screen your mouth and monitor any changes over time.

Oral Cancer Symptoms

You don’t need to be a high-risk patient to develop oral cancer. If you have symptoms of this disease, make an appointment for a cancer screening. One of the main symptoms is having a sore, lump or red/white patch inside your mouth that does not heal. Other symptoms might include bad breath, pain while swallowing, and swollen lymph nodes.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Houston, TX

Sair Dental Group is committed to your health. If you need an oral cancer screening, call our office at 832-924-2666. Our dentists will listen to your needs and provide you with customized dental care.

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