Texas State Board Of Dental Examiners Still Require Dental Offices To Follow COVID Emergency Rules And Still Require Everyone To Wear A Mask Regardless Of Governor Ruling

Most people end up in the emergency room for an emergency dental issue for one of two reasons: 1) they don’t feel they have any or adequate dental insurance coverage to see an emergency dentist or 2) they don’t know that an emergency dentist is really the answer to their problem. The ADA, or American Dental Association, reports a steep increase in the number of emergency room visits for dental issues for those aged 19 to 49 in the last decade

Seeing the Right Professional the First Time

Getting care from the right medical professional is important because they can treat you with the proper antibiotics and pain medications in the right dosages for your ailment, and also with the right procedures from the outset. This ensures that your problem is resolved quickly and easily. Most emergency rooms don’t have an emergency dentist on staff and they will treat you with pain meds, and possibly antibiotics, and tell you to see your regular dentist. Why not just see an emergency dentist anyway?

Why See an Emergency Dentist?

Emergency dentists are just as caring and professional in their work as the dental specialists you see for routine care; however, those that specialize in emergency care can handle the types of dental emergencies that arise suddenly, such as infections, or loose or fractured teeth. These things usually need to be taken care of quickly to keep from getting worse and to prevent you from needing more intense treatment.

When to See an Emergency Dentist

If you are in severe pain, if you are bleeding, if you feel you may have an infection, or if you have already been told by your primary care physician, or even the emergency room doctor, that you need to see an emergency dentist, then it is time to call one. An emergency dentist will be able to see you much sooner than your regular dentist will be able to. It’s important to let the emergency dentist know what your symptoms are so they know how to prioritize your case.

Emergency rooms are simply not equipped to handle dental emergencies. If you feel you need to see a dentist right away, whatever the dental emergency might be, call us today to get seen as soon as possible. We can make sure you get treatment for your dental emergency so that you are able to get relief from your problem immediately. Call Sair Dental today to see an emergency dentist.

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