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Tooth pain, severe or a dull ache, is more prominent at night when a person just wants to unwind after a tiring day. If the tooth pain is extreme and you can’t sleep well, you can try some remedies to help ease the pain until you get to a dentist. But first, let’s find out why this happens.

Why Does My Tooth Hurt At Night? 3 Possible Reasons

There are multiple reasons why you suffer from toothache more at night than in day time. Here are 3 possible causes:

  • Increased blood flow towards the mouth or tooth cause it to hurt at night time. The laying position favors the flow, and rush makes your tooth suffer from pain.
  • You are more alert at night due to less amount of distractions. Your brain goes to every minute detail happening; that’s why you feel the toothaches more at night.
  • Bruxism is unconscious teeth grinding at night. This habit causes your teeth to suffer from unwarranted pressure. This causes extreme tooth pain, and you can’t sleep at night.

Extreme Tooth Pain at Night – 11 Easy Remedies to Fix Your Issue

Let’s walk through 11 possible ways to ease tooth pain when you can’t sleep.

Cold Compress

A cold or an ice pack significantly reduces inflammation and is the easiest of ways to stop even extreme tooth pain at night when you can’t sleep. A cold compress numbs the entire throbbing area for some time, reducing toothache for emergency relief.

Frozen veggies can do the trick if you can’t find a dedicated gel ice pack or cold compress.

Warm Compress

You may think this is not feasible, but trust us, a warm pouch is also appropriate for tooth ache relief.

Keep Your Head High

You may suffer from unbearable tooth pain at night by lying flat. Keep an extra pillow or a cushion. This will prevent the blood from accumulating, improve fluid drainage, and ease toothache.

Pain medication

If you are too tired to go on and about, try the simplest way. You can relieve toothache at home using NSAIDs and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. Pills like Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, or Naproxen can help alleviate extreme tooth pain at night for good sleep.

Topical Numbing Cream

Keep a numbing tube on your nightstand. It is quick to relieve pain. They contain agents like benzocaine to provide relief.

Tea Bags

You may question the authenticity, but teabags are quite useful in bringing down the inflammation.

Clove Oil

If you have essential clove oil in your cupboard, then that’s good. However, if not, a fresh clove piece can also act as an analgesic.


Trust us; if your threshold is high enough to bear the pungency, you can also grab a piece of garlic.

Mouth Washes

There are various anti-inflammatory types of mouthwash available in the market to get rid of the pain. Just stock them up in your bathroom, swish swirl, and spit for relief from extreme or even moderate tooth pain at night.

Salt Water Gargle

A salt and water solution shows antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It not only keeps bacteria at bay but also kills existing ones.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an ingredient most households have. You can make a paste to kill bacteria causing the ache.

Final Words

There are many reasons for your tooth to suffer from pain at night. Some of them are temperature sensitive, bruxism, gum infections, etc. The good news is teeth troubles are treatable. All you need to do is get on a dentist’s chair for an examination. If you want a consultation at Sair Dental, call 832 924 2666.

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