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Though the set of baby teeth children have will eventually fall off, but keeping baby teeth healthy is essential. These milk teeth have very thin enamel. It is easier for the bacteria to invade the tooth and form cavities in babies’ teeth. The important question is, should cavities in baby teeth be filled. The care of the cavity for baby teeth is the same as the cavity care for permanent teeth. Therefore, the following should be considered:

Filling of Tooth Decay

Should cavities in baby teeth be filled perhaps is a tough question to answer, but these baby teeth remain with your child for a while. These teeth help the child to speak and utter words. The set of permanent teeth takes time to come at the place of baby teeth. Therefore, it is important for parents to take their children to a dentist regularly and specifically when cavities have formed. The dentist will check the child’s tooth and, according to the condition, will suggest a suitable treatment. In the case of a cavity, the dentist will drill out the cavity and fill them. A proper procedure of filling a child’s cavity is followed so that no cavity remains untreated. An untreated cavity may lead to severe damage which may affect the permanent teeth as well.

Dental Hygiene

Sometimes despite the best efforts of parents, children still get bacteria in their mouths, which causes a cavity. Sugary snacks and sweet drinks cause bacteria in the mouth. If the child does not brush his/her teeth regularly or right after consuming the sugary food, then it leads to the forming of plaque, which later results in a cavity. Therefore, it is important for parents to keep a close check at the dental hygiene of their children. Parents must assist their children in brushing their teeth and flossing.

Bacteria can travel in the mouth, and the cavity can pass on from one tooth to another. Therefore, even if baby teeth will fall off, the parents must take their children to professional dentistry like Sair Dental Group and get the cavities filled. You can also call us on 832-924-2666 for more information on cavities and its treatment.

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