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An underbite is a condition when the lower teeth extend outward more than the upper teeth. Some cases of underbite are mild and not noticeable while others are severe, where lower teeth extend extremely out, giving the mouth an unpleasant look. However, fixing underbite is now possible, even without surgery.

Causes and problems of an underbite

Various reasons can cause an underbite. Sucking thumb during childhood is one of those. Furthermore, when adult teeth start to grow, and a child pushes the lower teeth with the tongue, the teeth tend to move outward more than the upper teeth. Using a pacifier can be another reason for the underbite. At times an underbite may also result from an injury.

A severe underbite may cause health problems and make biting and chewing difficult. Certain people may also have difficulty speaking. Furthermore, an underbite may also cause pain in the face and mouth. Therefore, fixing underbite becomes necessary.

Benefits of fixing an underbite

Correctly aligned teeth are easy to clean, and therefore, chances of tooth decay and gum disease become less. When teeth are aligned properly, they also don’t cause pain in jaws and facial muscles. As a result, teeth don’t break.

Medical treatment can fix the underbite and can restore the beauty of your face. In case of a severe underbite, the dentists would suggest wearing metal or plastic braces so that the teeth would go back to their original position. The dentists may also recommend removing a tooth or two to adjust the alignment. It is better to fix the underbite problem from childhood so that teeth aligning teeth become easy.

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