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Dental treatments are incomplete without a quick fluoride punch. You may have heard the dentists advising you to wait for some time before starting to munch on your favorite goodies. So, how long is the wait to eat after getting fluoride treatment?

Well, you get on and about your day and start eating after mere 30 minutes! Yes, that’s it!

When Can You Eat After Fluoride Treatment? How Long Is The Wait?

Dentists recommend waiting at least 30 minutes after the fluoride treatment before chomping on your favorites.

Eating before sitting on your dentist’s chair for a fluoride blast is best. You would not have to wait to eat after the treatment this way. It also aids in retaining fluoride on your teeth for as long as possible.

Why Should You Wait After Getting Fluoride Treatment?

To put it simply, fluoride requires time to ><b”soak” into the pores of your tooth enamel. Therefore, if you start eating or drinking immediately after applying fluoride to them, it lowers its efficacy or entirely neutralizes it.

Do you want to get the absolute most out of your treatment? If yes, then leave the varnish or gel on your teeth for no less than 30 minutes.

The longer fluoride stays on your teeth, the better its effects for remineralization and anti-sensitivity will be.

Depending on the type of professional fluoride treatment used by your dentist or hygienist, a half hour is the perfect amount of time to allow the fluoride to work.

What To Not Eat After Fluoride Treatment?

You can drink anything as usual; however, here are a few things you should avoid:

Steer Clear of Hot Beverages Like Coffee or Tea

We understand the need for this energizing cup right after a tiring day, but unfortunately, you will need to wait for a little extra longer before you drink anything hot. It is best to stay away from delving deep into the pool of caffeine or other hot beverages for at least 6 hours!

Do not Eat Acidic Foods.

As mentioned earlier, your teeth are made porous with the help of chemicals to let fluoride in and remineralize your enamel. So, during the rejuvenation time, items like tomato soup, and sodas, are a threat.

Because acids are innately corrosive, they damage your teeth and may cause your mouth to become sensitive shortly after a cleaning and fluoride treatment.

Acidic elements counteract the fluoride still trying to infiltrate your enamel. To stay on the safe side, stick to water for the following few hours!

Say No To Sticky or Crunchy Foods

It is best to stay away from anything sticky or hard to chew on. Such items can easily dislodge the fluoride varnish or gel on your teeth during treatment.

Particular items to keep in mind include yogurt, soft fruits such as bananas, scrambled eggs, soup, or smoothies. Just be aware that foods and drinks high in sugar or acid might negate the effects of the fluoride treatment and potentially damage your teeth.

Closing Note

You can get down to Sair Dental for more information on Fluoride treatment provided by us. Contact us at (832) 930-7801 to learn more about how our treatment can benefit you.

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