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There is a very special perk of which dental patients may not be aware. There is a dentist on Fondren Rd who provides free teeth whitening for life. When you consider the cost of teeth whitening and the advantages of having the procedure, you realize the value of this offer.

Look Younger, Enhance Your Smile

Getting your teeth whitened is the most expeditious way to enhance your appearance. Many people do not realize that dull, discolored teeth can make you look years older than your actual age. There are many things which can cause teeth to darken over the years. Because it happens so slowly, you may not even be aware of how dark your teeth have become.

Having your teeth professionally whitened will reveal the surprising difference to you. When you have your teeth whitened by the dentist on Fondren Rd, you will be able to compare the shade of your teeth prior to whitening to that of the color after treatment. Additionally, you can get your teeth whitened free for life.

Why Teeth Become Discolored

Even eating a very healthy diet can cause teeth to become stained over time. Eating dark colored foods can make your teeth look dull; that blueberry smoothie is full of excellent nutrients and antioxidants that ward off certain diseases. At the same time, those yummy smoothies are staining your teeth because of the natural dyes in the blueberries. Even some spices, when consumed on a frequent basis, can cause teeth to become discolored.

You only have to look at your well-used coffee or tea cup to realize what these popular beverages are doing to your pearly whites. If you love your cuppa joe every morning you can be sure that your teeth could be whiter than they are right now. The same is true if you are sweet on tea.

The Dentist on Fondren Rd Will Get Them White Again

Getting your teeth looking beautiful again and brightening your smile with a professional cleaning and teeth whitening is simple.  Schedule an appointment with your dentist on Fondren Rd. We will examine your teeth and talk with you about the best method for whitening your teeth and keeping them white for a lifetime.

Why look older than you really are? You don’t have to walk around with a mouth full of discolored, dingy teeth. Give us a call at Sair Dental and make your appointment today. Let’s have that conversation about whitening your teeth and let’s keep them that way.

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