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Adults above the age of 50 often get more cavity as compared to children which lead to tooth decay. Around one-third of cases get tooth decay as a result of the gumline cavity. Tooth decay that occurs at the gum line is also known as root decay. It occurs as commonly as arthritis in older adults. There are a number of reasons that associate with the gum line cavity.

Causes of Gumline Cavity

In most of the cases, the cavity forms in the gums due to plaque and bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria produce acid in the mouth which affects the tooth enamel. When plaque consistently stays in the mouth it begins to form cavities.

It is easy for the plaque to build up between the spaces of teeth or at the back of the teeth. Plaque also builds up easily along the gum line. When plaque persistently stays there it forms a gum line cavity.

Gumline cavity is also possible to form if the gums recede and are exposed to more plaque. Due to the presence of the cavity, the receded gums become even weaker.


The only solution to the cavity is to fill the teeth. With a laser or a drill, the dentist removes the decayed part of the tooth. He/she later fill it with composite resin. In a similar manner, the dentist treats the gum line cavity but if the cavity extends beneath the gum line the dentist performs minor surgery to treat a cavity.


The best way to protect the cavity to form on teeth or gums is to brush teeth regularly. It is important to brush along the gum line so that bacteria do not build up. Flossing is another way to secure teeth from the cavity and other gum diseases.

A regular dental visit is also essential to save your teeth from cavities or other oral problems. The dentists at Sair Dental Group can guide you on ways to maintain oral health and to practice oral routine effectively. You can also call on 832.924.2666 to know healthy dental practices.

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