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One of the biggest myths regarding dental procedures is that the procedure will hurt, so people avoid going in for teeth cleaning sessions. But there is a slight difference. A regular tooth cleaning session is only about removing food particles and plaque, but the situation is slightly different when you go in for deep teeth cleaning session.

During deep teeth cleaning sessions, your dentist will clean your gums by removing the debris and toxins.

What Happens In a Deep Teeth Cleaning Session?

In simple words, deep teeth cleaning is a tooth scaling or root planning procedure. Your dentist works not only above the teeth but below it as well, removed calculus and tartar from your gum line and hard-to-reach areas.

If not removed, it can be harmful to your gums in the long run. And keeping it for a longer time can be damaging for your dental bones and roots.

Who Should Have A Deep Teeth Cleaning Session?

These signs indicate that you need to go in for deep teeth cleaning session because there is something wrong with your dental health:

  • You have a bad breath
  • Your gums have swelled
  • There is bleeding from your gums
  • Your gums feel soft while brushing

Once you notice these issues, it’s time to run in for a quick dental checkup. Your dentist will first ask you to undergo deep teeth cleaning session and then begin his diagnosis.

What Happens After A Deep Dental Cleaning Session?

You may require to lie down on the dental chair for about two to four hours. The hygienist will begin with numbing your gums and then go deep teeth cleaning therapy.

Once the numbness starts reducing, you may feel pain and uneasiness. It may remain for about 1-2 days but don’t worry, as it will improve over time.

We all know that you cannot reverse gum disease once it begins, but you can surely stop it from moving further. To learn more, visit SAIR Dental Group Houston. Call us at (832) – 924 – 2666 to learn more.

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