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A dental implant is gaining popularity and is one of the most favorable ways to replace missing teeth. Teeth are significant assets; it functions our eating, talking, and many other daily habits. In case we lose them, replacement is necessary. Besides other methods, implants give you an artificial tooth that functions precisely like new teeth. So, how long do dental implants last? Are they a permanent solution to restore your appearance and smile? The article will give you an insight into the procedure and explain the reasons for its popularity.

Dental Implants

No doubt that a dental implant procedure takes time and needs the expert skills of your oral practitioner. During the surgery, an iron rod attaches the new structure to the jawbones firmly. It requires several appointments during which different tests are carried out; there is a need for sufficient bone density to hold it. Only after fulfilling these requirements, the surgery continues. Furthermore, the new structure needs time to heal and fuse with the bone. After the whole treatment and healing, a person can resume a routine without any restrictions.

Can dental implants last a lifetime?

These are a permanent solution and last for a lifetime. The way they fuse onto the bone gives them firmness and strength to function exactly like natural teeth. However, like natural teeth, they need care and maintenance. You have to take care of oral hygiene and brush and floss regularly. The crown that attaches on top of teeth might need a replacement after 10-15 years.

Moreover, it depends on the wear and tears it undergoes. This restorative procedure is permanent, and after few years, you might not even notice that you carry an artificial piece in your mouth. In comparison with other methods, implants are the most reliable and give a natural look.

Factors affecting dental implants

Although implants are among the most common methods to replace teeth, few medical conditions don’t support it. Your oral practitioner will discuss them with you before starting the procedure. Pre-existing conditions like diabetes or oral cancer can negatively affect oral treatment hence in most of these cases, having implants is impossible. Moreover, chain smokers or heavy drinkers need to have a few tests before qualifying for the surgery.

Other factors that have an impact on the implant method are age and your habits. With age, the body weakens, and naturally, healing takes more than the regular time. Those who get an implant at the old age of 40 or more have to take extra care for some months. After which, the new structure will firmly hold its grip. Due to the latest advancements in the field, the procedure has improved much over the years.

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