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Many of us have concerns before the procedure that how long does teeth whitening last? We often hear such questions; however, the answers depend on several factors. Here we will discuss a few reasons that significantly impact the length of time the whitening effect may last. Besides, this is a temporary procedure and will diminish no matter how much care we take over time. It is the individual’s choice; the more care he takes, the more significant days will make it last. Let’s have a closer look and discuss the factors that determine its longevity.

Types of treatment

Several types of treatments are available in the market; whitening is done at home and professionally at the clinic. However, the results of both vary greatly. Once you step into the pharmacy, there is a range of products available on the shelves, but only a few will be useful. Even if we buy online, there is a vast list to choose from. Be careful when purchasing the kit, as a wrong choice can damage the enamel. Only a few products will work to some extent and remove stains from your teeth. The best way is to get it done by professionals. This is one way the whitening effect can last much longer, and the result will be sparkling white teeth. If you look forward to excellent and long term results, only a professional treatment will provide it.

Diet and lifestyle

Lifestyle plays a significant role; People say that you are what you eat; this is true. Out diet affects not only the physical but oral health too. Teeth stain when we drink beverages such as tea, coffee, or red wine, and similarly, will they affect the whitening. If you drink or smoke regularly, don’t expect the results to last longer than a few months. Smoking harms the body and your teeth and is one reason to cause brown and discolor teeth. It is not easy to give the ballpark figures on the time whitening may last; however, we can give rough estimates depending on individuals’ lifestyles.


Aging is a natural phenomenon that we can’t stop. With age, every part of the body changes, and teeth are no exception. The whitening effect lasts longer in young people in comparison with the middle ages. If you are 18 years or younger, there is a chance that your results might last for months or even a year with proper care. However, similar results are difficult in people who have crossed their thirties or forties.


Heredity is responsible for the color of teeth. Do you know that we all have different white teeth? The color of teeth and skin is genetically determined when we are in the process of growth in our mother’s womb. Heredity also accounts for the longevity of teeth whitening.

Hence, considering all these factors, you can discuss how long does teeth whitening last? If you are interested in having a professional teeth whitening treatment, contact Sair Dental Group. Call us at 832.924.2666 to schedule your appointment.

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