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Do you also find yourself hiding your smile due to discolored or damaged teeth? If so, it is time to bid farewell to self-consciousness and say hello to your new smile with veneers! These wafer-thin bundles are here to transform your smile, giving you the perfect set of teeth you have always dreamed of. Here’s what to expect when getting veneers applied to your teeth.

The Process of Placing Veneers on Teeth

The entire process is divided into 3 appointments:

Appointment One: Diagnosis & Planning

Every journey begins with a diagnosis and treatment planning session with your dentist.

  1. Share What You Aim For: You discuss with your dentist smile objectives, and you can even show them examples of smiles that inspire you.
  2. Discuss Preferences and Limitations: Your dentist will explore your preferences and any limitations that you might have.
  3. Comprehensive Assessment: Meticulous examination of your teeth from every angle, along with impressions of your bite, ensure your new veneers won’t impact your voice or speech.
  4. X-rays and Molds: X-rays of your mouth help to identify any underlying issues. Your dentist will then make a mold with that, which is more like a blueprint for your custom-made veneers. These temporary veneers will be ready for your next appointment, usually within a week to a month.

Appointment Two: Getting Temporary Dental Veneers

On this appointment, you will have temporary veneers put on made of liquid composite.

  1. Test Run: You will use temporary veneers for a few days to adapt to the new look.
  2. Customization: Your dentist will trim and paint the temporary veneers to match the shade of your existing teeth. This serves as a preview of your refreshed smile.
  3. Fine-Tuning: Think of these temporary veneers as trying out a car model before customizing the exact finishes. Any tweaks necessary for shape, fit, or color are done during this stage.
  4. Minimal Impact: This approach ensures your dentist can design your ideal smile without significant grinding or drilling, minimizing stress and damage to your natural teeth.

Appointment Three: Placing the Dental Veneers

It’s D-day!

  1. Placement of Permanent Veneers: Your dentist will place the veneers over your teeth, making final adjustments to ensure they fit perfectly.
  2. Gluing in Place: Once you and your dentist are both satisfied with the veneer’s look and fit, they will be securely bonded to your teeth using dental cement.
  3. Ultraviolet Flush: A UV – ultraviolet light hardens the adhesive, securing the veneers in place.
  4. Finishing Touches: Excess cement is removed, and your dentist will make any sort of adjustments needed to ensure the veneers match your bite and feel comfortable.

Viola! It’s done!

Closing Note

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