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It is a nuisance to wake up at intervals to go in the kitchen for a glass of water. A dry throat at night on a daily basis indicates that something is not right; it may be your inadequate volume intake or something else.

By now you must be thinking, why is my throat so dry? What causes it? Well, we are here with your answers and more. Give this piece a read to know why this happens and multiple remedies to stop dry throat itching at night.

What Causes A Dry Throat?

The reasons vary from minor ones like sleeping with an open mouth to a disease such as Sjögren syndrome. Let’s start with least to most severe reasons for dry throat at night.

Breathing with Mouth Open

The default regulation of breathing in our body is through the nose for reducing the loss of humidity from the soft tissues. If we start breathing via our mouth, it dries out quickly. Mouth breathing at night not only causes dry throat in the morning but often leads to snoring.


Dehydration may lead to a dry mouth and other symptoms like a headache or increased thirst. Mouth breathing and inadequate water intake throughout the day along with harsh weather conditions may also cause dry the throat.

Usually, you need not to worry about mild dehydration as it is preventable by drinking lots of water and other fluids throughout the day. But, if you repeatedly wake up during the night time to use thebathroom, try cutting down on the intake.

Allergic Reactions

Histamine a chemical releases at the time of seasonal allergies by your immune system which as a consequence, can result in a dry throat.

Prescription Drugs

Sometimes, medicines as a side effect cause a dry throatin an unnatural way. Few of the categories fo such medicines include anticholinergic, antidepressant drugs and sleeping pills. All of these contain an ingredient known as diphenhydramine which often leads to dryness.


Mononucleosis or mono is commonly known as the “kissing disease”. It usually passes on via an individual’s bodily fluid contact, resulting in a dry scratchy throat.


When the tonsils at the back of your throat undergo inflammation the condition is known as tonsillitis. Mostly the 2 main culprits are viral or by bacteria. A dry throat at night serves a symptom for this condition.

Snoring and Dry Throat at Night

Astudytook place back in 2006 which said that ‘dry mouth’ is a important symptom of OSA. If you have OSA you are twice as likely to wake up with a dry mouth in the morning even after a good night sleep.

Remedies To treat Dry Throat At Night

Here are our two cents on treating the dry throat trouble at night:

  • Consume less sugar, caffeine or alcohol throughout the day
  • Drink water and consume fluids at regular intervals
  • Monitor your sleep, if you snore treat it for getting rid of dry throat.

Final Words

If you feel that the changes in lifestyle are not working and helping you deal with the dry throat at night, talk to one of dentists for help. Visit our office Sair Dental Group for a checkup

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