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Front tooth pain can be excruciating to deal with, especially if the cause is not clear. Many individuals visit their dentist with the complaint, ‘Why does my front tooth hurt?’

The truth is, there are multiple reasons front teeth can hurt. Your dentist will determine the cause and suggest an adequate treatment accordingly. In this blog, we’ll mention the possible causes and their treatments.

Reasons Your Front Teeth Hurt

Some might experience pain in just one of their front teeth only, while others complain of more than one tooth hurting. It’s crucial to inform your dentist which tooth, and how many, hurt to help them locate the problem. A few reasons for front tooth pain include:

1. You Have One or More Tooth Cavities

Many people don’t even realize they have a cavity unless they notice the discolored area or they experience discomfort. Untreated tooth decay could lead to a small hole in your tooth, as the bacteria eats away your dental enamel. When the decay reaches the softer structures of your tooth, pain, sensitivity, and other symptoms occur. Therefore, a cavity on the front tooth might be why you are in pain.

If you experience cavity symptoms, visit a dentist for diagnosis and treatment. Usually, dental filling or bonding is suggested for cavities on your incisors. Still, you might need advanced treatment if the decay is severe.

2. Your Tooth is Infected

Leaving the tooth untreated for a long time could lead to an infection. As a result, you might experience pain and other symptoms. You might not notice it at first, but when bacteria infect the tooth root, it brings a lot of discomforts. Thus, you might experience a bad taste in your mouth, discoloration, persistent pain, and more.

Don’t waste any time consulting your dentist when you have an infected tooth; it only gets worse. You might need root canal treatment to eliminate the infection. In some cases, extraction is required if the tooth is beyond saving.

3. You Have a Sinus Infection

Your front tooth pain might not be related to your dental health at all. Congestion or infection in the sinuses can result in tooth pain as well. This is because our tooth roots are very close to the sinuses, and any problems there can cause pain and put pressure on the upper teeth. In short, issues in the sinuses can be why your front teeth hurt.

4. You Grind Your Teeth

Do you grind your teeth when stressed? Or, perhaps, you do it while you sleep, unconsciously. Although the exact reason behind bruxism, or teeth grinding, isn’t known, it is proven that this habit could damage your teeth. Thus, teeth grinding could lead to front tooth pain.

Your orthodontist or dentist might recommend a mouthguard for teeth grinding. This treatment is quite effective in minimizing the effects of bruxism to an extent.

5. Your Tooth Enamel is Wearing Away

Dentin and other soft layers within the teeth are protected by strong enamel. Strong, healthy tooth enamel also protects the nerves inside and underneath your teeth. So your teeth are bound to hurt when the enamel wears away. As a result, you might also experience tooth sensitivity. Moreover, the front teeth are more vulnerable to wearing down enamel if you brush too hard. In simple words, a weak enamel could be the reason for sensitive front teeth.

6. Your Tooth is Chipped or Cracked

If you have a sharp, stabbing pain in your front tooth, it’s possible that it is cracked or chipped. Usually, minor tooth cracks aren’t visible to the naked eye. Hence, it might radiate pain when it comes in contact with something. Therefore, your front teeth might hurt due to a crack. Contact your dentist immediately if this is the case. They’ll examine the crack and suggest the appropriate chipped tooth treatment.

Is Your Tooth Acting Up?

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