Texas State Board Of Dental Examiners Still Require Dental Offices To Follow COVID Emergency Rules And Still Require Everyone To Wear A Mask Regardless Of Governor Ruling

It couldn’t have come at a worst time. My car had broken down, my finances were squeezed and I had a tooth infection, probably from an untreated cavity. I needed to get that fixed butI really didn’t know how to get started until someone suggested I look into finding a dental clinic near me.

Finding a Dental Clinic Near Me Was Easy

I needed to find a dentist right away so I dug in with my list of criteria. I dreaded having to find one, thinking it would be hard, but it wasn’t!

  • Good reviews-It didn’t make sense to go to a dentist who with a poor rating. I filtered through the comments to get the information I needed to make my decision.
  • Convenient hours-I worked standard business hoursso I needed someone who was flexible with scheduling, perhaps even offering Saturday appointments.
  • Location-Without thedental clinic near me, it would have been harder to keep appointments. I know I would get busy or stuck in traffic and wouldn’t get there in time, but with it close-by, it helped ease that “I’m going to be late” stress.
  • Cost-Finances were on my mind, so I needed a clinic that accepted a wide variety of insurance or who would work with me to get the care I needed. I was also able to take advantage of a special that helped me save money. If I was going to have it done anyway I might as well save money doing it!

Continued Care

I learned how cavities form and why it was so important to maintain a daily oral hygiene routine to keep them from coming back. Brushing and flossing is only a part of it. Since then, I have become more aware of warning symptoms and how to maintain a healthy mouth, so I feel like the dental clinic near me helped educate me to prevent infections in the future.

Choosing the Right One

If you’re looking for a dental clinic near YOU, visit Sair Dental Group on Fondren Road in Houston. To get more information on all of the products and services offered, call 832-924-2666 to schedule an appointment. Stop by, or Take a tour of the office right now!

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