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Every day we socialize with many people. It is commonly believed that the first impression is the last one; you can perfect it with straight white teeth. Investing in your teeth will enhance your confidence and looks. There are various ways to do so; however, if you are wondering between choosing Invisalign vs. braces, read the following article to find out. Both the methods straighten your teeth over time and improve their look, but you have to choose depending on what is right for you.


These are in use for a long and are one of the most popularly used methods. We often find many people wearing braces; however, it’s not convenient with brackets and wires. You have to make compromises in your diet while wearing them. It takes time for adjustment and cleaning them is also not easy. Also, you have to visit the dentist regularly after every 3-10 weeks for a check-up. Besides all this, braces are an effective way to give straight teeth and work in most cases.


Invisalign are clear aligners that work to straighten your teeth. The best part is they are almost invisible, and others might not notice that you are wearing something. They don’t need wires or brackets to fix on the teeth but are custom made, and you can wear them quickly. Moreover, they do not permanently and are removable; however, you need to wear them for at least 22 out of 24 hours a day for best results. You can remove them while eating or brushing but wear otherwise continuously.

Invisalign vs. braces

We have already described braces and Invisalign’s look and how braces fix, but Invisalign are removable. Besides these, other differences are;

  • They vary in cost. Your oral practitioner can provide more information about it as the price depends on your teeth’ condition and treatment length.
  • Change in lifestyle is another factor; with aligners, you can continue with your daily habits and enjoy your favorite meals. However, after wearing braces, you have to make compromises for 1-2 years to get your dream smile.
  • Braces are suitable for all problematic cases. If you have several oral or facial issues, braces will be more appropriate. They fix all types of teeth, and the wires manage to bring them to the right place over time. Braces give better results than Invisalign as they exert force on teeth to straighten them.
  • Different types of braces are available, and you can make choices. Invisalign are transparent and invisible; however, you can opt for lighter colors in braces to make them less visible.

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