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Fluoride is a natural chemical, it’s present in the air around us, but that doesn’t make it safe for us. It is poisonous, but only if ingested, which is why your dentist will always recommend that you make a habit of spitting out the toothpaste and not swallowing it. Hence here we talk about if it is good to use fluoride-free toothpaste.

Exposure to fluoride at an early age causes a disease known as fluorosis. Suppose the child has any exposure to fluoride before he reaches nine years of age. In that case, fluorosis may occur, which includes discoloration of the teeth that the fluoride has been exposed to.

While it may not be suitable for your health, fluoride is excellent for your teeth. Fluoride can help remove the plaque and tartar stuck on your teeth and help you clean much more effectively.

While fluoride is excellent for your teeth, it is even better at strengthening your teeth, ridding you of any infection that could reach the root of the tooth and cause the entire tooth to decay.

You could always use regular toothpaste that has a non-fluoride-based composition. However, suppose you are going to do that. In that case, you should know that such regular toothpaste includes something called hydrated silica. It is excellent for cleaning the teeth. It can remove the tartar to a great extent as well and provides your teeth with a polished look as though they are shining.

Yet hydrated silica is not so effective as fluoride is when it comes to strengthening the teeth. If the amount of hydrated silica is too high in the toothpaste, the toothpaste may feel a bit rough. In such a case, with time, hydrated silica may begin to damage the dentin and enamel as well. That is why fluoride-based toothpaste is an ideal choice because while ingesting it is dangerous, it’s great for your teeth.

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