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Stress, fury, frustration, or a misaligned bite can all cause teeth clenching or grinding. When it happens rarely, it is not a big deal. However, if clenching or grinding becomes frequent, things change. Whether it occurs during the daytime or when you are sleeping, it is dangerous for your oral health. It aggravates the jaw’s temporomandibular joint and increases your risk of suffering from issues like ear and jaw pain, headaches, and sleep difficulties. Can an NTI appliance (NTI night guard) help you manage teeth grinding?


NTI night guard is the best option for treating bruxism as per some dentists. While it only covers the front teeth, it keeps the jaw open and the back teeth separated. Its use can immediately reduce the wear and tear on the enamel of the molars and canines.

Moreover, some experts believe that wearing the NTI dental guard might modify behavior. By a constant interruption of the user’s unconscious efforts to bite down, the device teaches the jaw muscles to stop clenching. Sooner or later, this could help break the habit of clenching the jaw.

Are There any Downsides of Using NTI Night Guard?

If the NTI night guard is likely to cure bruxism, why some dentists hesitate its recommendation? While it sounds promising, there are questions about its effectiveness. An NTI night guard might come with some unpleasant side effects and serious downsides:

  • It changes the user’s bite:  It can cause the surrounding teeth to move, changing the patient’s bite.
  • A dentist’s supervision is required for safe use: You may need frequent visits to your dentist for fitting and monitoring.
  • Only patients with healthy teeth are candidates: Patients with an unusual bite, damage to their front teeth, or lose or worn teeth cannot use this device safely.

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