Texas State Board Of Dental Examiners Still Require Dental Offices To Follow COVID Emergency Rules And Still Require Everyone To Wear A Mask Regardless Of Governor Ruling

Nightguards and mouthguards are both great tools for protecting teeth. They’re affordable, comfortable, and non-invasive, offering quality protection that doesn’t interfere with the wearer’s life. Read on to learn more about these devices so you can decide if they’re right for your child.

Who Needs a Nightguard?

Nightguards are worn by children and adults alike to prevent teeth grinding. This grinding, also known as bruxism, is a common condition. Many patients don’t even realize they’re doing it! If your child complains of jaw or tooth pain, headaches, or earaches after they wake up, or if you notice they tend to clench their jaw, they might benefit from a nightguard. While you can buy a nightguard at the drug store, it’s recommended that you have one professionally fitted at a dentist’s office for best results.

Who Needs a Mouthguard?

If your child plays contact sports or participates in other high-impact activities, a mouthguard is crucial. This piece fits over the teeth to provide protection while participating in an activity that could cause tooth damage. Like nightguards, you can easily buy mouthguards at the store but should have one professionally fitted for maximum protection.

Dentistry For All Types of Kids

Sair Dental Group fits kids for both nightguards and mouthguards. We offer a variety of other dental services for kids as well, so you can feel confident bringing your children in for any oral care they might need. Schedule an appointment today by calling 832-924-2666.

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