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With time comes the opportunity for change, and with change there is room for improvement. This is true for all things. From technology to electronics and beyond, there is always the chance that sooner rather than later a change will come along to make the old process new again. Dentistry is no exception. One of the improvements made in the world of dentistry over the years is the view and approach regarding fillings, specifically amalgam filling removal.

What is an Amalgam Filling?

Fillings using amalgam are commonly referred to as “silver fillings,” and are often the silver flashes revealed in smiles that give away the secret someone has received a dental filling before. Amalgam, though, isn’t just silver but more a combination of metals. Most amalgam fillings are comprised of silver, mercury, tin, copper, and small trace amounts of zinc. The choice to use amalgam fillings comes primarily from their ability to stand the test of time and resisting abuse from constant chewing. However, in the last several years, many are asking for amalgam filling removal and the request continues to increase.

Is There Cause for Concern About Amalgam Fillings?

The ever-growing question dentists are seeing about amalgam filling removal seems to be stemming from the use of mercury. With the use of mercury, many are concerned their fillings may be releasing mercury slowly over time as their fillings become older and worn down. Although the amount released would be exceptionally low, there is a constant cause for concern that mercury would have an adverse effect on your health. Common symptoms from being exposed to mercury over time include headaches and memory loss, irritability and anxiety. All things one would like to avoid, if at all possible.

The Purpose of Amalgam Filling Removal

While there have been very little complaints and proof surrounding any major side effects from having an amalgam filling, there are plenty of reasons to ask your dentist about amalgam filling removal. As with any filling or dental work you’ve received, it should be checked from time to time to ensure it’s still effective. Recently, tooth colored fillings have been made available and are becoming increasingly popular among the dental world. Composite resin is used and the filling itself blends in with the natural color of the tooth making the filling nearly invisible. Additionally, they are a mercury-free option.

If you’re interested in amalgam filling removal, reach out to the Sair Dental Group. Let the improvements they’ve made to the filling process help improve your smile.

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