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While root canals are typically thought of as adult procedures, kids can benefit from root canals as well. If your dentist has recommended a root canal for your child, you might be nervous. After all, this procedure has a reputation for being painful. While root canals of the past were complicated procedures, this treatment has majorly improved in recent years. Keep reading to learn how a root canal can help your child.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

A root canal is a way of treating a tooth nerve that is damaged from decay. During this procedure, a dentist will remove damaged nerves and pulp, clean the infection site, and seal the tooth to prevent future damage. This procedure will help to reduce future tooth pain and allow the damaged part of the mouth to heal.

Root Canals for Children

If your child is suffering from tooth decay, some dentists will recommend a tooth extraction. A root canal can save your child’s tooth and prevent the added complexities of a tooth removal. A root canal will also help to prevent damage to your child’s jaw bone, which can lead to serious dental complications throughout their life.

Working with a Pediatric Specialist

If your child needs a root canal, call Sair Dental Group. We have specific experience performing pediatric root canals and can make the process easy and comfortable for your child.

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