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Professional Breath Control

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Oral malodor, or bad breath, is a concern for everyone, especially for those who closely interact with people on a daily basis.

Professional Breath Control

Although many people believe that oral malodor comes from the stomach, the most common source of bad breath is actually the deep crevices in the back of the tongue.
Professional Breath Control
Oral malodor can also originate in the areas called periodontal pockets, which are located in the tissue which surrounds the roots of one’s teeth.

Naturally occurring bacteria thrive in these hidden areas and form odorous volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s), which can emit an odor similar to rotten eggs. Although all of us experience bad breath on occasion, chronic bad breath can signal more serious health problems. If you have any concerns about your breath, it is important to ask your dentist or hygienist about them today.

Regular dental cleanings and examinations from SAIR will help you maintain long-lasting, fresh breath as well as healthy teeth and gums. There are several ways to manage bad breath concerns both in the dental office and at home.

What Can I Do On A Daily Basis to Fight Bad Breath?

In addition to regular brushing and flossing, incorporating tongue scraping into your daily oral hygiene routine is an easy and very effective way to maintain a healthy mouth and long-lasting fresh breath.
Fight Bad Breath
Daily use of an anti-bacterial toothpaste, mouth rinse, and tongue gel will also help you achieve the freshest breath possible and improve your overall oral health. It’s important to use an alcohol-free mouth rinse, since alcohol can dry your oral soft tissue and ultimately lead to faster formation of odor producing bacteria.

As a convenience to our patients, SAIR Dental carries the professional-strength BreathRx Fresh System which includes:

  • Clinically developed BreathRx Toothpaste (available in Whitening or Regular Formula)
  • BreathRx Daily Tongue Care Kit
  • BreathRx Antibacterial, Alcohol-Free Mouth Rinse (available in 16- or 33-ounce bottles)
As you search for other aids for breath control, such as specifically formulated chewing gums and lozenges, look for products that contain the essential oils of thymol and eucalyptus as anti-bacterial agents. Odor neutralizers such as zinc chloride also help greatly in complete oral malodor management.

Your Dental Professional Can Help You Tackle the Sensitive Issue of Breath Control

So please contact our professional SAIR Dental offices for additional information.

What Happens During My SAIR Dental Appointment?

One of the hygienist’s methods for helping keep your breath fresh is the use of scaling instruments, which remove the build-up of plaque and calculus (tartar) from your teeth and below the gum line.
This aids in reducing the risk of gum (periodontal) disease, which is also a source of oral malodor. Proper daily oral hygiene instructions will also be provided during your dental visit.
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