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The enamel is the solid white layer on your tooth that you can see; it is the outermost covering. It is known as one of the strongest substances in the human body, packed with minerals. The minerals in it are the reason is it so strong and are sparkling white.

What Does This Enamel Do?

Your enamel is thick about the size of a key; hence, it can protect the core of your teeth inside, which, if infected, can be painful and dangerous. This enamel not only protects it from acids but also from hot and cold foods. The enamel is a layer that can become white when cleaned, but if it wears off, it will expose the yellow dentin.

Here Is How You Can Protect Your Enamel?

    It is very important to maintain your oral health to keep the enamel strong. This way, you can make your teeth resistant to acids and help them be safe from the effects of acid erosion.

    How Can Pronamel Help You here?

    Pronamel is a special toothpaste with a different fluoride formula to strengthen your teeth. Due to its pH-neutral capability, it is completely gentle on your enamel and helps it become stronger. Suppose you are someone who is at risk of acid erosion; then pronamel is one of the best products for you to use. That is because it strengthens the enamel from further weakening.

    If you compare it to other kinds of toothpaste in the market, those contain sodium, a foaming agent. When fluoride is mixed with the other ingredients in the toothpaste, it becomes a little weaker in terms of strengthening your enamel together. But on the other hand, pronamel doesn’t have any fluoride in it. Hence the minerals directly penetrate the surface of the enamel. And this is the reason it can bind and strengthen the enamel.

    Pronamel is one of the most recommended toothpaste to use for strengthening and protecting enamel.

    How Does Pronamel Work?

    As mentioned above, pronamel toothpaste has a different type of formulation that helps you keep your teeth safe and makes them stronger. When you compare it to other kinds of toothpaste in the market, those obviously do not give you this level of achievement because of the difference in its formula. If you have healthy teeth, fluoride will help keep them healthy and protect them from decay, but if you are looking for an extensive level of care, then pronamel is the answer to your problem.

    If you are looking to learn more about pronamel toothpaste, and if you should be using it or not, why don’t you come and speak to our specialists at SAIR Dental Group? We will be able to assist you to the best of our capability. Call us at 832.924.2666 to book your appointment now.

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