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It seems as sports become more popular, especially as we push for youth to become more active, that it is necessary to have an emergency dentist on speed dial. An emergency dentist can not only help ensure your physical health if you are injured, but set you up to see other dental specialists that can ensure a great smile.

The Prevalence of Sports Injuries

It is estimated that up to 40% of dental related injuries are caused by sports related incidents. Unfortunately, 13% of the dental injuries seen by an emergency dentist that are caused by sports injuries are in children. With so many dental injuries seen by emergency dentists these days, it is important not only to prevent them, but also to know when to see your dentist. Let’s look at both below.

Prevention is Key

A dentist that specializes in sports injuries can also help prevent them. Mouth guards, face guards, or even helmets can help prevent visits to your emergency dentist. If you are an athlete, having a custom fit mouth guard will greatly reduce your chances of a dental injury over a generic one, and especially over not wearing one at all.

Knowing When to Visit the Emergency Dentist
It is important to know what constitutes a visit to the emergency dentist, or even the hospital, and what can wait for an appointment at your regular dentist. If a tooth has been dislodged, or is cracked or broken completely, you want to see an emergency dentist. If there is trauma and bleeding, you will want to see an emergency room to make sure it is addressed, especially if the jaw is damaged or dislocated. If there was an impact and you are only experiencing minor pain, you may just want to make an appointment with your regular dentist unless it worsens.

Sports Dentistry

An emergency dentist will usually be well versed in sports dentistry. This includes education and experience in oral surgery and hospital dentistry. Dental trauma can require either if severe enough. Orthodontics may be required to preserve or correct your smile and an emergency dentist, while they are not an orthodontist, will be able to recommend you to one as well as set you up for those services.

An emergency dentist can play a large role in repairing your smile if you are injured while playing sports. It is important to know when you need to call one and who you should call so you aren’t scrambling to find a name and number at the last minute.

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