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You might have seen a toddler grinding teeth in sleep. Teeth grinding in children is common, specifically at a young age. The actual cause is not evident; however, the dentists believe that a baby grinds teeth when he/she is stressed or angry. Teeth grinding in children can also happen when upper and bottom teeth are not aligned.

Reasons for teeth grinding in children

Many people wonder why babies grind their teeth. Experts may not be able to reach the exact cause, but many dentists have identified that an abnormal bite, a missing tooth, or misaligned teeth can be some of the significant reasons. Dentists also associate teething with infant grinding their teeth. Additionally, teeth grinding in toddlers can be due to excessive stress and anxiety.

How to stop children from grinding teeth?

Teeth grinding in children may not cause severe problems for many. However, there can be others who would lose their enamel due to continuous teeth grinding at night. Many children who grind their teeth are not even aware of it. The parents must take their children for dental treatment when they find excessive teeth grinding in toddlers.

Dentists may suggest the use of night guards to stop teeth grinding habits of children. The night guard protects teeth a similar way mouthpiece protects teeth. A child may feel irritated initially; however, constant use gives positive results. Furthermore, a warm bath at night and a relaxed environment before sleeping would help a child stop the habit.

Contacting a dentist

However, proper evaluation of the cause may prove beneficial in stopping teeth grinding in children. Once parents have identified the stress reasons, they may help the child. If all the efforts do not work, the parents should contact a dentist who can evaluate a child’s teeth and may provide appropriate treatment. The experts at Sair Dental Group will be able to guide you on how to help the child from stopping teeth grinding habit.

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