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A good smile is a valuable gift, as it boosts one’s confidence. However, missing a tooth can affect one’s confidence and lead to low self-esteem. It is a surprise to know that up to 20% of adults will have one or more congenitally missing teeth. Now, the good news is that one can have braces for one or more missing teeth.

Why have braces for missing teeth

Many people struggle with oral health for various reasons. Gum disease, tooth decay, and injury are the most common causes of losing teeth. Some people feel embarrassed because of missing teeth that become visible when they smile. Untreated teeth loss can lead to eroding the jaw bone. Braces for missing teeth is one of the most popular ways to deal with such problems.

Braces make it easy to keep your natural teeth and have the empty space filled in, where the missing teeth are located. These are recommended for patients with overcrowded or misaligned teeth. For the patients who have experienced tooth loss, the missing teeth may actually be what is causing alignment problems due to the surrounding teeth shifting locations.

What can braces do? 

Orthodontists use a brace to fix your smile. Once one has braces in place, it can fix crooked teeth, overcrowded, and gaps. It can also help with bite problems, including overbites and underbites by shifting teeth or jaw. Therefore, many people overthink the effect of braces when they lose their teeth.

Braces are becoming a common method to treat your dental problems. One could have braces for an adult with missing teeth again, even if one had braces as a child or teen. One needs to visit an orthodontist for the treatment to ensure his/her smile stays great. Sair Dental Group is one of the safe places where you can get braces for your teeth. Call us on 832-924-2666 to know more about what we offer.

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