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Gums play an essential role in keeping you healthy. However, these gums can become swollen at times and hide a part of your teeth. Healthy gums are pink, and due to swelling, they change their color and become red. Swollen gums can cause pain and irritation. That is why it is important to know ways to reduce swelling in gums. But before that, let’s explore what can cause swelling in gums.


There are a number of causes and some of them can be a temporary cause like flossing, and others can be a serious cause.


It is a gum disease that causes the gums to swell. There can be times when a person might not be able to judge that they have gingivitis because the symptoms would be very mild. People who do not consider it troublesome might not contact a dentist, and it might cause problems later.


Fungi viruses can cause gums to swell. The overgrown yeast in the mouth can be another reason.

Ways to reduce swelling

Many people try home remedies to reduce swelling, but those will not be helpful if the problem is severe. If your gums swell and do not heal on their own within two weeks, a wise option will be to contact a dentist who can provide medical treatment.

The dentist will ask questions that will give him/her an idea of what is causing swelling. He/she will also need a full mouth X-Ray. The dentist can also ask you to have a blood test to check for infections.

Depending on the condition, the dentist provides the treatment. If the condition is not severe, the dentist may suggest oral rinse or a change in toothpaste. When conditions become extremely difficult, the dentist may also suggest antibiotics.

Some remedies that you can try out yourself include brushing and flossing, rinsing with salt water, drinking a lot of water, and avoiding irritants.

Even if you try home remedies, it is necessary to visit a dentist like Sair Dental Group to get appropriate treatment. Our specialists will identify the cause of your swollen gums and will provide a treatment that suits your gums. You can also call us on 832-924-2666 for knowing the ways to reduce swelling in gums.

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