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The stages of a gum abscess, known as a dental abscess or gingival abscess, is a painful condition. The infection is caused due to bacteria, which forms lesions between gums and teeth.
The common causes noted hint at the influence of toothpicks, popcorn, or splinter. It is also likely due to irregular oral hygiene.
Gum abscess stages begin with minimal swelling. Next, after 48 hours, the abscess becomes pointed and sharp. As soon as the disease progress, the chances of an eruption are increased.
The gum disease is further classified into two types, periodontal abscess, and periapical abscess. A periodontal abscess hints at the formation of pus in a localized area of the gums. On the other hand, a periapical abscess presents pus formation at the root of the tooth. It also includes a pocket of pus formed due to bacterial infection.
cStages of gum abscess:

The abscess includes four stages, which eventually lead to tooth decay if it remains untreated. The gum abscess stages are as follows:

Enamel decay:

The first stage begins with affecting your first layer of teeth. Enamel is the first layer, which is affected due to the buildup of plaque on your tooth. In this stage, people may or may not experience symptoms. However, the typical signs observed are tooth sensitivity or spots developed on your tooth.

Decay of dentin:

The enamel decay, if left untreated, leads to dentin decay. Dentin is a yellowish second layer of your tooth. In this stage, the tooth sensitivity is increased. Besides, most of the time, people notice spots on their affected tooth or teeth.

Decay of pulp:

When the second layer remains untreated, the third layer gets often affected. Pulp is the third and soft layer, which is the most profound of all. When the bacterial infection reaches this layer, the nerve gets attacked often. In turn, the patient has severe tooth pain, which needs an immediate dental checkup.
Eventually, when the nerve dies completely, abscess forms, leading to complete tooth decay.

Abscess formation:

When the abscess begins to form, it attacks the nearby gums and tooth. In such a situation, pain in your jaw, neck, and ear is noticed. Swelling is also noted on the affected part.
If you don’t treat gum abscess stages on time, it might lead to severe complications. The complications include tooth loss and sepsis. Moreover, sepsis might lead to death even.

Remedies for an instant fix of gum abscess:

However, if you know how to drain gum abscesses at home, you might be able to relieve your pain. Gum abscess home treatment includes mouth rinsing with salt water, applying a garlic paste or baking soda. Besides, you can go for essential oregano oil and ice compression to decrease the throbbing pain.
Another remedy for gum abscess home treatment is the use of a mint tea bag. It numbs and soothes the pain.
Gum abscess stages, when left untreated, leads to tooth decay. Therefore, it is better to visit a dentist instantly, and most importantly, maintain oral hygiene to avoid in the upcoming days.

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