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Did you know that hydrogen is very versatile? Most mouthwash liquids contain hydrogen peroxide, which helps whiten your teeth and gives you a shiny, bright smile. And in the process, it doesn’t even hurt or pain.

What Are The Benefits Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is very beneficial, ranging from calming down the pain to stoping your teeth from turning yellow. Details on benefits are below:

Soothing Your Throat: Hydrogen peroxide is an effective antibacterial liquid and helps keep your mouth clear of bacteria. It also helps keep your throat soothed if you gargle with hydrogen peroxide. That is because after spitting, some stays in your mouth and mixes with your saliva.

Keep Your Teeth, White And Bright: Many teeth whitening products available in the market also have hydrogen peroxide, which helps you keep your smile looking white and bright.

But how much hydrogen peroxide is good for you? Have you ever thought about it? In most cases, mouthwash contains about one to two percent hydrogen peroxide. Still, if you want to attain your white smile, you should use a mouth with about three point five percent hydrogen peroxide. This will help you achieve your goal.

Are you still feeling confused? Not sure which mouthwash is good for you and how to determine the percentage of hydrogen peroxide in it. Have no fear. You can speak to our dental experts at SAIR Dental Group. Call us now to book your appointment at (832)-924-2666.

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