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Do you have concerns about your crooked or crowded teeth; well, one of the best solutions is the use of Invisalign. These are the clear set of hard plastic aligners that fit into your mouth. Being transparent, they are not visible and give a perfect appearance and a great smile. Nowadays, teens also wear braces to straighten their teeth; however, they are visible and prominent. Due to this reason, aligners are given greater preference. Similar to braces, they need regular checking and fixing to correct the position of your teeth. Let’s find ahead Invisalign pros and cons to help you make a proper decision if you are planning to visit the Dental Clinic.

Benefits of Invisalign

When we talk about Invisalign and braces, the following are the few advantages of Invisalign.

  • Braces come along with wires and brackets, while aligners are much more comfortable to wear. The people who wear it know the difference, and you don’t need to have cuts or any painful marks as in braces. Like night guards, you have to wear them, and there is no point of discomfort or irritation.
  • They are attractive and give a great look. With braces, often people avoid talking much in public. At work, in school, or any other place, if you are wearing it, no one would notice that some artificial piece is in your mouth. You can be confident and work as per your routine.
  • It’s very convenient, and you can carry it easily. Moreover, there is no age restriction, and everyone can wear it. Talk to your practitioner for more detailed information.
  • Another significant aspect of the aligner is that you can remove it if you want, not like braces that are fixed on your teeth. However, wear them at a maximum time; you can remove them while eating, brushing, and flossing. So it won’t stop you from enjoying your favorite meal and can be easily cleaned, so no problem with oral hygiene. On the other hand, when we talk about braces, food quickly gets stuck into them, and cleaning them is difficult.
  • Invisalign doesn’t need much maintenance like braces. They need regular cleaning and scrubbing by using bleach and water with the toothbrush. Besides, as they are removable, you can clean your mouth correctly along with the Aligners. It maintains oral hygiene.

Disadvantages of Invisalign

Despite its pros, the following are a few cons of these clear plastic aligners

  • They are an expensive choice, and you have to pay bucks of money if you choose it.
  • You have to wear aligners for at least 22 hours a day. You can’t take them out often; else, the process will slow down. Just take them out if you feel for eating and oral hygiene.
  • When you wear them, the first few weeks can be uncomfortable, and you may feel some pain too. Pain relievers can help but don’t remove them often for comfort; else, they won’t serve the purpose.
  • People who feel that removing aligners for meals and oral hygiene is uncomfortable should choose braces instead. The choice depends on you

So, if you want to know more about the Invisalign pros and cons and are they the right choice for you, contact Sair Dental. Call us at 832.924.2666 to book your appointment.

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