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A healthy palate or mouth roof should be pink and fleshy similar to the gums. However, several conditions can change the color; the most common turn of events is the roof of mouth going yellow. Is it normal, and why does that happen? Let’s find out.

Yellow Mouth Roof – Causes

The major culprit behind changing the mouth palate color to yellow is, bacteria.

Oral Hygiene

Poorly managed oral hygiene is a major cause of bacterial load in the mouth. When bacteria grow, they change the color of the mouth roof to yellow. Some other common indicators of poor oral health include:

  • Halitosis – bad breath
  • swollen or bleeding gums
  • chewing pain while


Jaundice – a severe condition that is a result of bilirubin buildup – a yellow pigment from bile. This accumulation is due to liver or gallbladder malfunction. When bilirubin levels are high in the blood, it turns the roof of your mouth yellow.

Along with that, the eyes and tongue also change their shade strongly, indicating the presence of bilirubin.

Xerostomia or Dry Mouth

A condition that is caused when salivary glands do not sufficiently secrete the saliva required to keep the oral cavity moist. Other than not taking in enough fluid, some medical conditions are also linked to it.

Saliva, besides just moistening the mucosal cavity, also protects the area from bacteria by flushing it away.

Canker sore

If small, white, or pale yellow painful ulcers appear inside your mouth or its roof, they are canker sores. The symptoms are usually mild enough and heal within a few weeks.

Mouthwashes with oxidizing agents

If you use mouthwashes that contain oxidizing agents like hydrogen peroxide, they tend to turn the mouth palate pale. Other than that, they show color-changing effects on the tongue as well. If you spot these changes, stop their use immediately.

Medicines having bismuth content

Medicines that have Bismuth are used to get rid of an upset stomach. It is said that using bismuth-containing medicines can change your tongue color from yellow to black, along with the roof of your mouth going yellow.

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Mouth Palate?

Better oral hygiene Regime

Poor habits of oral hygiene and indulging in smoking can cause this issue. Improving oral hygiene can keep the mouth clean and free from unwanted bacterial buildup. Follow these steps:

  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Bi-annual deep dental cleaning
  • Smoking cessation of tobacco
  • Steer clear of mouthwashes with oxidizing agents

Treatment of Bacteria

Infections that are a result of bacteria are easily treatable using targeted antibiotics. In case of fungal infections such as oral thrush, use antifungals.

Final Words

Getting a dentist to look at the changing condition of your mouth palate for accurate diagnosis and treatment is better. Contact Sair Dental at (281) 558-1199 or (832) 924-2666 for more information.

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