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Whenever people talk about crowns and caps, we often think of adults wearing them. But it is possible to have the cap on baby teeth as well. The caps and crowns for babies are tooth-shaped. A dentist cements the cap on the teeth when he/she has to restore it to its original form.

Many people think there is no need to treat baby teeth as they eventually fall off. However, if primary teeth get severely decayed, they can harm the permanent teeth as well. Therefore, it becomes necessary to put a cap on baby teeth if it has a cavity and to restore it.

Is it necessary to have a cap on baby teeth?

Baby teeth develop till the permanent teeth erupt, and jaws keep developing even after that. Therefore, for a large cavity, a filling is not a good option as it might come out. As a result, the dentists suggest having a dental cap so that the tooth can remain safe.

Expert dentists also suggest a cap in the following cases:

  1. Baby teeth have comparatively thinner enamel due to which infection can spread from one tooth to the other. However, when a dentist cements the cap on baby teeth, it stops the infection from spreading.
  2. Caps also keep the shape and position of the tooth intact for the permanent tooth to erupt straight.
  3. It also helps the jawbones to develop properly.
  4. It makes chewing easy
  5. Helps in speech development

If you are afraid your child has a large cavity that can affect the surrounding teeth, then bring him/her to Sair Dental Group. Our expert pediatric dentists will examine your child’s teeth and will suggest the appropriate treatment for restoring them. Call us on 832-924-2666 for knowing all the important details about your child’s oral health. Our team is waiting to welcome you.

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