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Losing a tooth, or multiple teeth, can really adversely impact a person’s confidence. We often associate missing teeth with aging and the loss of youth and vitality. However, thanks to amazing advancements in dental treatments and technology, there are now even more options available for those suffering from tooth loss. One of the best options that will definitely keep you smiling is dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a permanent replacement for your tooth’s root. A titanium screw is fitted into the jaw bone to act as a new root for a false tooth. These implants can be for a single tooth or larger gaps involving multiple teeth. They are designed and built to specifications that fit your mouth, giving an incredibly realistic finish, impossible to tell from the real thing. You can have teeth fitted that are permanently attached to the implant or that can be removed and reattached.

What Makes Them Such a Good Choice?

When choosing a dental implant, there are many advantages compared to other options, such as false teeth and dentures. They are anchored securely in the bone, meaning they cannot become loose or slip around your mouth. This reduces daily discomfort as well as the potentially embarrassing situation of the prosthesis coming out unexpectedly. This added security also helps to improve your oral function, allowing you to enjoy all the foods you love, no matter how tough they are on your teeth.

Another advantage of dental implants over any other type of prosthesis is you are able to clean and care for them easily. You can brush and floss them in the same way you do your normal teeth, without worrying about them being dislodged or moving out of place. This will also help you to maintain an excellent standard of oral hygiene, keeping your other teeth clean and healthy and making sure your breath is fresh every day.

Once you have had dental implants fitted, you really will forget they are even there. They are designed to fit your mouth perfectly, and the fittings are so secure they will feel like they are your natural teeth. In fact, they may even feel better than your natural teeth did.

Having dental implants gives you total freedom – freedom from worrying about them coming loose, freedom from embarrassment, freedom to eat what you choose and enjoy life. If you have suffered from tooth loss, enquire about dental implants, today, and see how they can improve your life and your smile.

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