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Sudden headaches in your teenage children or even adults can be due to wisdom teeth. They have the potential to trigger aches, and it’s fairly common due to the fact that they have very little space to grow into.

Top 10 Signs Showing that Wisdom Teeth May Be Causing Your Headache

Headaches can originate from various sources, and one of the toughest contenders is wisdom teeth. Here are 10 signs that your headaches might be related to these.

1. Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches are due to the pressure and inflammation around your wisdom teeth. Signs like an intense throbbing or pressured pulsation are often seen with a stuffy nose and sore throat.

2. Severe Migraines or Tension Headaches

If your head is wrapped around migraines, they could be tied due to the pressure of your jawbone from impacted wisdom teeth. Tension headaches also emerge because of muscle tightness around your face, neck, and head by the wisdom teeth pushing against other teeth.

3. Headache with Earache

Head and earaches are a recipe for disaster. When your wisdom teeth start erupting, they exert extra pressure and tension on your jawbone, leading to ear pain – a potential indicator of wisdom tooth-related headaches.

4. Headaches That Worsen When You Bite Down

Are you experiencing increased throbbing pain in your head every time you bite down? This could signify your wisdom teeth applying force on the surrounding tissue and jawbone, causing swelling, inflammation, and pain.

5. Pain on the Side Where Wisdom Teeth Are Present

One-sided pain where the tooth has grown often results from wisdom teeth pushing other parts of your oral cavity, such as your cheekbone, which can trigger a headache.

6. Tingling or Numbness in the Face

It is not unusual to experience tingling or numbness around your jaw and other facial areas where your wisdom teeth have erupted.

7. Jaw Soreness Alongside a Headache

Jaw tenderness, along with a headache, is not something normal.

8. Headache When Consuming Hot or Cold Foods

Your mouth may show increased temperature sensitivity that often arises due to inflammation around your wisdom teeth. This change can lead to sharp pains shooting into your head when you eat something hot or cold.

9. Pain When Opening You Open Your Mouth

Are you struggling with increased episodes of headache when opening or closing your mouth? This might be a sign of your new tooth creating issues. The pressure from wisdom teeth makes opening your mouth widely an uncomfortable situation due to misalignment or pressure from the emerging tooth.

10. Swollen Gums

If your gums are swollen, red, or sensitive to touch, along with throbbing head pain, an infected wisdom tooth might be to blame. An abscessed tooth leads to swelling and pain that extends into your head.

Closing Note

Wisdom tooth-related headaches can be bothersome, but the good news is that they are treatable. Get in touch with teeth experts from Sair Dental at 8410 Fondren Road, Houston, TX 77074 (832) 924-2666 and 10345 Club Creek Dr, Houston, TX 77036 (281) 558-1199 locations for more information regarding this.

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